Szop szczotkarski daje 1000 złotych dolarów do...

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  • Szop szczotkarski daje 1000 złotych dolarów do ręki Toebbensowi, by nie przenosić się do Trawnik. Pośrednikiem jest Kalman. Szop zostaje w Warszawie.

  • deportation
  • business, social/communal
  • prices, activists, Germans, camps, Shops
  • Kudasiewicz, Julian, relacja 301-1750

  • Related people:

    • Kalman Unknown

      The owner of a tannery in Warsaw. Worked in Toebbens' shop.

    • Schulten Unknown

      Toebbens' aide-de-camp, a calm man, obeyed only Toebbens' orders. Everyday he was in the brushmakers’ shop and infor...

    • Toebbens Walter

      13 March 1943 - for 3,500 dollars he took over the brushmaker's shop, owned a tailor's workshop.

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    • Franciszkańska 20

      founders - Emil Wajc and the Zilbersztajn brothers; before the uprising there was the Supply Section and the rest of...