Given name: Josek Family name: Faterlauf

  • YES
  • Male
  • Josek
  • Faterlauf
  • A foster child from Korczak's Orphanage.

  • children
  • Korczak described Josek as a self-confident self-seeker in his column 'With a stick...': Josek urinated on the floor in the isolation ward, he did not want to clean it up, finally Korczak did it instead. 'Yet I wanted to touch his rude and shameless face with the dirty sponge.' It is the first time that I have ever come across sincere anger and reluctance being expressed by the author against a child. Maybe even with insulting and condemning [a child] on the notice board - it was infrequent to see J.K having problems with disruptive behaviour (my footnote). Josek is mentioned later twice: as the one who was bitten in the hand and cheek by Oles Asz and as the one who 'learns how to bite himself.'

  • 228, 242