Testimony 301-565, Jewish Historical Institute Archives

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  • Kowalski
  • account/testimony
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  • Polish
  • A testimony of a Pole who delivered weapons to the ghetto, probably a little bit exaggerated, but there are interesting parts about Polish informers and them being liquidated by Kowalski's friends, five pages.

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    • Kowalski Roman

      Owned a fruit shop at Karolkowa Street No. 27 and a playground, the so-called "Wenecja" (Venice) at Wolska...

    • Pik Jan

      A Bund member. He hung the flag above the ghetto during the uprising. W. Zarski writes about Jan Pik (Zajdler in tes...

    • Frydman Ele

      The owner of the small factory of soda water at Krochmalna Street No. 13 and Wolska Street No. 16. After Germans mar...

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    • Muranowska 6

      Ele Frydman's bunker, where he had a phone and contacted the 'Aryan side' in order to consult smuggling. During the...

    • Muranowska 6

      Ele Frydman's bunker, where he had a telephone and he contacted the 'Aryan side' regarding smuggling; during the upr...