Monitor Polski No. 102 of 5 October 1946

  • Łódź
  • 1946
  • official
  • yes
  • after the war
  • Polish
  • The National Library Archives, Warsaw, Periodicals Division, sygn. P.35283 II, Official Journal of the Republic of Poland, published by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland since 1918 (interruption: 1940-1945). Monitor Polski published laws and court decisions. These publication are not sources of law. After the war, the Monitor published inheritance cases, decisions declaring a person dead, among others. Editorial Office, Administration and Distribution: Lodz, Piotrkowska St. 133.
    National Library in Warsaw
    Aleje Niepodleglosci St. 213
    02-086 Warsaw; POLAND
    Phone: (48) (22) 608 29 99;(48) (22) 452 29 99
    Fax: (48) (22) 825 52 51

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