Given name: Abram Family name: Wolfowicz

  • YES
  • Male
  • Abram
  • Wolfowicz
  • An extremely devoted Jewish policeman, he rescued people from the Umschlagplatz. He was not on duty in any region. He produced cured meat and sold it in his shop in ghetto. He ran the Tlomackie work detail at the 'Aryan Side' [in the building of the synagogue]. Thanks to his courage people passed guard post ('wacha') without a search. W. took people who wanted to get to the 'Aryan Side' from the ghetto and did not take money for that. He led Maria Zadziewicz to the 'Aryan Side' at the beginning of the uprising in the ghetto. He lived in Nowolipki Street, opposite No. 32.

  • the rich
  • III2p2, 301-2936 III1p2, 301-2225

  • Rubinsztajn, Majer; testimony 301-2840