Given name: Marysia Family name: Sawicka

  • YES
  • Female
  • Marysia
  • Sawicka
  • Before the war she was a 700 m runner in the club 'Skra'. A messenger of the Jewish Fighting Organisation; from the end of 1942 or from the beginning of 1943, on the 'Aryan side'; she lived with Adina Blady in Dzielna Street, later at Miodowa Street No. 24. Later, in Leszno Street, where she was a main lodger, she lived together with Antek, Celina Edelman, Stasia. She organised flats, documents, money, etc. She survived the war, lives in Lodz. Older than Adina.

  • activists
  • 53,64,65,66,70,71,89