Given name: Bronisław Family name: Moskal

  • YES
  • Male
  • Bronisław
  • Moskal
  • A peasant from the village of Slodkow in Lubelszczyzna, he hid and fed Benjamin Babica for things left at his home in return. He stored his diary. He did not want to give it back to the author after the war, taking is as pledge: he was promised to get a reward. He sells The Jewish Historical Institute bulletins. Thus he is found by Bluma Babic. He corresponds with her, telling about the fate of her brothers.

  • Poles
  • a shrewd, greedy farmer, for several years craving for a reward for helping Benjamin. Bluma Babic tried to help him financially after the war

  • Czapska, Maria Gwiazda dawida. Dzieje jednej rodziny (Star of Dawid. A Story of a Family)