Given name: Helena,Hela Family name: Keilson

  • YES
  • Female
  • Helena,Hela
  • Keilson
  • Janina Puławska
  • A doctor at the Berson and Bauman Children's Hospital, the head of the department of internal diseases of the hospital's branch located on the corner of Leszno/Zelazna Streets, got a life number assigned by A. Braude-Heller, survived the January Action in a hideout, went to the 'Aryan side', lived with Adina in a room in Dzielna Street, had forged papers claiming hat her name was Janina Pulawska, her parents were on the 'Aryan side', too (the father had papers to the effect that his name was Leon Malecki). On 22 April taken to Pawiak, deported to Auschwitz, survived, after the liberation went to Sweden, did not return to Poland.

  • physicians
  • 18,21,32,42,45,49,52,63,69