Given name: Josef Family name: Erlich

  • YES
  • Male
  • Josef
  • Erlich
  • A janitor at a kitchen run by R. Auerbach (Leszno Street No. 40). He had relatives in the Warthegau. In the ghetto he lived with his grandmother and grandfather. His grandfather was a rabbi, but Jozef Erlich was a pupil of 'Hashomer Hacair'. During the First Action he worked at the kitchen at Leszno Street No. 40, already as an employee of Toebbens. Rachela Auerbach saw him for the last time on 6 September 1942. He was taken to the Umschlagplatz together with other workers of the kitchen during the First Action.

  • civil servants
  • He had fair hair and a child's face.

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