Given name: Adolf Family name: Bund

  • YES
  • Male
  • Adolf
  • Bund
  • About 30 years old. He came from Vienna. A customer of R. Auerbach's kitchen at Leszno Street No. 40. His parents left Galicia in 1914 and settled down in Vienna. His father, who owned a successful jeweller's shop in the II region (Bezirk) of Vienna, died after Hitler had entered Austria. His mother died even earlier. The shop was taken up by the father's catholic partner. In the Warsaw ghetto, after a short time, Bund settled down in a refugees' camp. He was a consumer of R. Auerbach's kitchen for some time, and received an extra breakfast for 'declassed intelligentsia'. At some point he stopped visiting the kitchen and started to earn by selling soup coupons; probably died of starvation.

  • Intelligentsia
  • Bund could not eat soups, which could be killing for him, from the moment he started to swell of starvation.

  • s. 83-87