Given name: Janek Family name: Bilak (2)

  • (1, 2) YES
  • (1, 2) Male
  • (1) Janek , (2) Jan
  • (1) Bilak , (2) Bilak
  • (1) August 1944
  • (1) Warszawa
  • (1, 2) No information
  • (1)

    A member of the Bund. Before the war he was a dental technician. In the ghetto uprising he commanded one of the 'fives' in the territory of the brushmakers'. After the uprising he hid in Warsaw in Rakowiecka Street, together with Chana Krysztal. In July 1944 Pnina Papier and Dov Szniper came there from the woods near Wyszkow. During the Warsaw Uprising the fighters were forced to leave their hideout. Together with a crwod of Polish people they were driven to the Gestapo. when armed Szniper gave a few shots, the Germans killed him and Bilak.


    A Skif activist, in July 1942 he dealt with distributing the work records. He drove a rikshaw. Before the ghetto uprising he dealt with smuggling explosives to the ghetto. He was Wladka's 'contact' in the ghetto, a day before the outbreak of the uprising. Together with a group of refugees he escaped to a wood near Wyszkow and became one of the partisans. Tall, tanned, with a smile on his face - Wladka saw him like this when she visited her friends in the wood. Before the Warsaw Uprising transferred to a hideout in Warsaw.

    • (1, 2) activists
  • (1) 68,96,100,226, (2) 32,167,278,320