Przeniesienie siedziby KSP z gmachu przy ulicy...

  • YES
  • Przeniesienie siedziby KSP z gmachu przy ulicy Prostej do siedziby przy ulicy Krochmalnej. Getto zostaje podzielone na 6 rejonów.

  • 1941-01-01
  • in the ghetto
  • administrative
  • address, Jewish police
  • [s., 1]
  • Related people:

    • Peczenik Unknown

      region commander of the Jewish Police (Order Service) - in early 1941

    • Nadel Unknown

      commander of Region III of the Jewish Police; after arresting Szerynski in May 1942 he was proposed by Bandt to beco...

    • Fleischman Unknown

      Former captain. Head of the Region III of the Jewish Police. After the September selection he worked in the Jewish P...

    • Landau Henryk

      Deputy [district] commander of Region VI of the Jewish Police - until July 1941

    • Sekler Unknown

      A barrister. For a few weeks he was commander of Region V of the Jewish Police (Order Service). Later he became the...

    • Hertz Unknown

      A police captain. Lived at Chlodna Street No. 10. On 17 April 1942 warned the Wattenbergs against the upcoming pogrom.

    • Brewda Unknown

      A barrister

    • Jurga - Błaszkowski Unknown

      engineer; refugee from Lodz; fromer president of the Lodz motor sports club; in the ghetto he headed the Reserve com...

    • Rode Józef

      A refugee from Wloclawek, veteran of French and Polish Army from the times of the First World War. In the ghetto in...

    • Zylbersztein Unknown

      a Jewish policeman

    • Przeworski Unknown

      a high-ranking functionary of the Jewish Police - beginning of 1941

    • Lindenfeld Unknown

      head of the prison in the ghetto, judge of Polish courts; he lived in the prison building. SS-men shot his wife, 12-...

    • Brendel Jakub

      A refugee from Kalisz. He was in charge of the fire brigade in the ghetto (appointed by Lejkin).

    • Lederman Nieznane

      Kierownik VI-go rejonu SP