Organizowano także "gale" - seria ju...

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  • Organizowano także "gale" - seria jubileuszy - 25 lub 30 lat w teatrze - komitet rocznicowy - afisze - sprzedawano bilety - menadżerowie - 1000 zł dla jubilata ranki w MP - pierwszy Lejb Wilner, 2. - M. Winder - 25 lat, MAx Brin - 30, Chana Lewin, I. Balbirski - 25, A. Samberg - 30, A. Flato - 25, Furmański - 30, Fostel - 25 "rok teatru żydowskiego" - jubileusz w Eldorado, jubileusz piosenki żydowskiej - przez D. Blum - prezenter M.Mazo

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    • Wilner Lejb

      An actor - a jubilee in 'Melody Palace'; died several months later

    • Winder Meir

      chairman of the Eldorado theatre; also in the management of Femina. He played at Eldorado during the anniversary in...

    • Bryn Max

      The head of the artists' trade union (a syndicate), an actor; administered a canteen. In the 'Eldorado' theatre - 'M...

    • Lewin Chana

      an actress, 25th anniversary

    • Samberg Ajzyk

      He came to the canteen, an optimist - he believed in early victory of justice and law; he works in the canteen; in t...

    • Flato Arkadi

      A musician

    • Furmański Adam

      Orchestra conductor - performed e.g. in a restaurant in Ogrodowa Street set up by Kaczka; conducted a concert; condu...

    • Fostel Symcha

      a Jewish actor; performs in the 'Nowy Azazel' Theatre (Teatr 'Nowy Azazel'); celebrates a jubilee

    • Blumenfeld Diana

      the author's wife; she works as a clerk; performs at the Winter Help (PZ) action; she sang Lazowertowna's poem on sm...

    • Mazo Mordechaj

      former director of a theatre in Vilna, at activists' meeting; in the kitchen's sector; works as a clerk; in administ...

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