Centos - zorganizował departament spektakli dz...

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  • Centos - zorganizował departament spektakli dziecięcych - występy dzieci z instytucji CENTOSU, domów dziecka itp. - na wysokim poziomie, charakter edukacyjny, reżyserzy: Siostry Lifszyc, b. aktywne, b aktywny - Marek Edelman, ekipa artystyczna Centosu - dla dzieci

  • in the ghetto
  • social/communal, private life / daily life
  • CENTOS, activists, children, artists/writers
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  • Related people:

    • Fuswerg M

      it is probably Klima Fuswerk - children's performances

    • Gąsior Danka

      director of children's performances

    • Filozof Unknown

      a director of children's shows, a doctor

    • Marzyńska Unknown

      She worked in the Centos (the Central Organisation for Orphan Care), barrister Wierzbicki's sister, she dealt with c...

    • Hantower Unknown

      Performances for children.

    • Lejzerowicz Unknown

      from Lodz - art classes ? for children; children's performances

    • Czerwińska Ludwika

      children's performances

    • Lifszyc Unknown

      3 sisters, organised performances for children

    • Edelman Marek

      Bund, worked in the Berson and Bauman hospital, active in organising performances for children

    • Znicz Michał

      Actor in the' Nowy Teatr Kameralny' (NTK) - he moved to the 'Teatr Na Pieterku', also for children.

    • Oberska M

      Actress, performs for instance in the' Nowy Teatr Kameralny' (NTK); for children

    • Bogdanowicz Szymon

      actor, in the 'Nowy Teatr Kameralny' (NTK) - 'Kiss in Front of a Mirror' ('Pocalunek przed lustrem'); for children

    • Minowicz Edmund

      An actor, in the 'Femina' Theatre; a director too, he performs for children

    • Wesby Iwo

      Musical director and a manager of the orchestra in Femina; in the cultural department of Judenrat.

    • Samberg Ajzyk

      He came to the canteen, an optimist - he believed in early victory of justice and law; he works in the canteen; in t...

    • Braz Chana

      An actress. She worked for children and was a member of the YIKOR (the Jewish Cultural Organization).

    • Kurc Abraham

      Managed the artists' canteen; performs in the 'Eldorado' theatre - 'Mlody Wiesniak' (A Young Peasant); [also perform...

    Related places:

    • Krochmalna 36

      Performances for children organized by three Lifszyc sisters.