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  • an interview with Irena Sendler about her meetings with various people in the ghetto. Interesting. 3 pages
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  • Related people:

    • Sendler Irena

      An employee of the Welfare [Department] of the Municipal Board, she brought food to the ghetto, saved Jewish childre...

    • Schultz Irena

      the worker of the Social Welfare, works with Irena Sendler, brought parcels and letters to the ghetto

    • Witwicki Unknown

      A professor, sent parcels to ghetto - food, medicines and Jewess dolls carved by himself for children in ghetto; dur...

    • Wyszniacka Romana

      assistant of professor Witwicki; worked in the Centos (Central Organization for Orphan Care); was seeing Irena Sendl...

    • Rechtman Ewa

      Professor Slonski's assistant at the Polish Free University. After moving to the ghetto she was depressed, Irena Sen...

    • Mandelkorn Frania

      In Warsaw ghetto she met with Irena Sendler, she probably worked for the Centos (the Central Organization for Orphan...

    • Markinówna Estera

      A Prof. Witwicki's assistant lecturer, she worked for the Centos, she met with Irena Sendler; she died during the Fi...

    • Zysman Józef

      organised secret teaching in the Warsaw Ghetto, knew Irena Sendler

    Related places:

    • Ogrodowa

      Irena Sendler was in touch with the circle - the number of the house unknown

    • Pawia

      Irena Sendler was in touch with the circle - no number of the house

    • Elektoralna 13

      Irena Sendler had contacts with the Young People's Circle at the House Committee

    • Śliska

      a youth circle under Ewa Rechtman management organised an event devoted to October Revolution; Irena Sendler was pre...