Testimony 301-4429, Jewish Historical Institute Archives; author: Cela Troks; title: no title

  • Cela
  • Troks
  • account/testimony
  • no
  • there and then
  • Polish/Yiddish
  • Longhand, in Polish, 5 pages (Roman numerals); typescript, in Polish, 10 pages (Arabic numeral); typescript, in Yiddish, 1 page. Polish text contains information that was not rewritten: it's a description of missing Ignac Troks, the author's husband; information about the appearance, clothes and surname used by Troks given. The text in Yiddish contains information that the author wanted to pass to Maria Wroblewska, whom she tells her story (Troks expected to die soon). The author, as it can be concluded from the text, didn't use Yiddish daily; information she didn't want to pass to Wroblewska (regarding, among others, real sums she paid for her hideout and help, which she was ashamed to reveal to Wroblewska), could be, in her opinion, significant for the court and the trial - authenticate the authorship of the text. The testimony was supposed to be evidence in court, in trial for murder, as the author feared that she would be murdered before she could testify.
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