Wtedy kwitly forsycje. Pamieci dzieci - ofiar Holocaustu (Forsythias Were then in Bloom. In Memory of Children - Victims of the Holocaust)

  • Joanna
  • Iwaszkiewicz
  • Warszawa
  • 1993
  • stories
  • yes
  • no
  • Polish
  • narratives - based on facts - about Jewish children during the war

  • Related people:

    • Kletner Łaja

      Rescued from the Warsaw ghetto thanks to forged documents made by E. Jasiewicz.

    • Szper Unknown

      A married couple. They work in the Schultz's shop at Ogrodowa Street No.51. 30 November 1942 they went out of the gh...

    • Skrzybalska Unknown

      Janina, Krystyna, Judyta Skrzybalskis (not possible to determine degree of kinship) - owing to phoney documents made...

    • Sędzin Irena

      Saved from the ghetto on false papers made by E. Jasiewicz.

    • Starost Rywa

      Saved from the ghetto on false papers made by E. Jasiewicz

    • Szwejcer Maria

      Thanks to "Aryan papers" made by E. Jasiewicz saved from the Warsaw ghetto.

    • Pędowski Karol

      An activist of Zegota (Council for Aid to Jews) and RGO (Central Welfare Council). With his grandmother, Helena, he...

    • Unknown Ariel

      Son of music teachers. He promised well as a very gifted person. He sang and played violin. He came from Warsaw Prag...

    • Nissenbaum Zygmunt

      The youngest of all five brothers and sisters. His father ran a building enterprise. Before the war they lived in Pr...

    • Namiot Ina

      Thanks to false documents, made in the ghetto by Eugeniusz Jasiewicz, she escaped from the ghetto with her 6-year-ol...

    • Lipsztat Hafcia

      together with her parents she came back from Palestine in the summer 1939 to her home-town Piaseczno. She got to Pia...

    • Rosemann Rysio

      He was rescued from the ghetto by Genowefa Olczakowa, who said that he was her son. She also rescued his parents, hi...

    • Róbel Abram

      Rescued from the Warsaw ghetto thanks to a Kennkarte made by E. Jasiewicz.

    • Rozenzwejg (Kraszewska) Bianka

      She was rescued (as Krysia Warecka) from the ghetto together with her parents by Genowefa Olczakowa, who hid them on...

    • Bernfeld Maria

      Thanks to the 'Aryan papers' compiled by E. Jasiewicz she was rescued from the ghetto.

    • Minc Janina

      In August 1942 at the Umschlagplatz. She managed to save herself thanks to a doctor's lab coat together with her sis...

    • Arszennik Józef

      an Esperantist; railwayman. True supporter of Ludwik Zamenhof. From 1942, member of the the Polish Workers' Party (P...

    • Ajzyk Mosze

      Son of the travelling salesman, who sold bread, dairy products and haberdashery. In January 1941, with his parents,...

    • Haftel Mozes

      owing to 'Aryan papers' made by E. Jasiewicz he was saved from the Warsaw Ghetto

    • Jasiewicz Eugeniusz

      He worked in the Kennkarte Issuing Office in Ratuszowa Street. Using authentic seals and forms, he produced document...

    • Zamenhof Ludwik Krzysztof

      A grandson of the Esperanto creator. In the ghetto, he worked in an office. In September 1942, he managed to escape...

    • Zamenhof Wanda

      'Doctor Esperanto's' daughter-in-law. In the ghetto worked as a doctor. In August 1942 on the Umschlagplatz. She man...

    • Zamenhof Romana

      A pharmacist. Doctor Esperanto's relative. Employed in the Schultz's shop at Ogrodowa Street No. 51. 30 November 194...

    • Zamenhof Lidia

      In the ghetto lived at Ogrodowa Street No. 3, flat 17. Refused to cross to the 'Aryan side', although she had many o...

    • Zamenhof Zofia

      In August 1942 deported to the Umschlagplatz. She did not want to leave her small patients and she went to Treblinka...

    • Olczakowa Genowefa

      Worked for the Szpers (before the war??). Rescued the following families from the ghetto: the Szpers, the Rozenzwejg...

    • Enis Józef

      A musician. Thanks to forged documents made by Eugeniusz Jasiewicz he survived the ghetto. After the war in the USA.