Tłomackie From Warsaw

  • YES
  • From Warsaw
  • Tłomackie
  • in the ghetto
  • social/communal
  • study/teaching/learning, aid, ZSS
  • The head office of the ZSS (Jewish Social Self-Help) was located for a long time in the Jewish Institute building, next to the Great Synagogue of Warsaw. The Institute was created as early as in 1925. Its founders were well-known activists and scientists such as professor Meir Balaban, senator doctor Markus Brojda, senator Rafael Szereszewski and others. When the building was within the ghetto it was always full of people. E. Ringelblum, Bloch and many more worked there all day long. Hundreds of meetings and numerous literary-artistic events took place in the great hall of the Institute.

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