Aleje Jerozolimskie From Warsaw

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  • Mr Szwalbe and Kazia Swierdzewska lived there during the war; in autumn 1943 Roma Elster's husband hid in the caretaker's room for a few weeks.

  • "Part I: The return of the author's husband from the Soviet-occupied territories to Warsaw. Living conditions in the Warsaw ghetto; starvation, epidemics. The great liquidation action in the summer of 1942; organisation of the 'shops', selections among shop workers. The author and her husband escaped to the so-called 'Aryan side'. The blackmailers' threat. The author lost a leg jumping off a tram to escape Gestapo agents. The Warsaw uprising. During the evacuation of the population after the uprising, the author and her husband escaped from the transport and stayed in Brwinow until the liberation. Part II: Scenes of Warsaw ghetto life. the need to sell their property. Functioning of schools. Germans shoot children who smuggle food. After the war the author emigrated to France. The memoir submitted to the Jewish Historical Institute by the author's daughter. Longhand, pp. 1-69, format 215 x 170 mm (2 notebooks); pp. 1-24, format: 270 x 210 mm, in Polish. Copy: typescript, pp. 1-26, format: 290 x 210 mm (3 copies, only part I). <b>Archive of the Jewish Historical Institute </b>
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