Górnośląska From Warsaw

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  • From Warsaw
  • Górnośląska
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  • in the Ghetto, deportation
  • economic, collaboration, work
  • commerce, costs, work
  • a big stockings factory (75 workers); Volksdeutsch Balcerowicz's property; the owner took on Jewish stockings factory owners; they give him machines; every month he renewed a pass for 75 Jews, taken out from the ghetto; labour lasted 24 hours in three shifts; Balcerowicz employed half-and-half Jews and Poles; he stopped paying Jews in 1942: on the contrary he announced that the pass in the Gestapo costs; every month tribute was collected in the factory; the workers were mostly rich and they paid; the factory was also a place of lively goods trade between Jews and Poles: in return for clothes, shoes, jewellery they got food.

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