Given name: Unknown Family name: Wolańska

  • YES
  • Female
  • Wolańska
  • 1942?
  • A laundress who worked for many years in the Orphanage at the Krochmalna Street. She was devoted and helpful; girls and boys used to go to the laundry to confined in her. She was invited as a counselor to the meetings of the staff of Korczak’s Orphanage.

  • Poles
  • She was an orphan raised in a boarding house; she took up the most disrespected job - also among the Jews. According to Korczak she loved her job and she loved Jewish children. She did not make any difference between them and her own two children. She herself brought children ill with typhus to a hospital. She defended orphans accosted by street urchins. Korczak offered her a loan so that she could change jobs in the old years, to have her own business, but she refused. Sometimes she took some linen from the orphanage because it was also her property. She was not dishonest - when there was a need the things taken were given back. Korczak had the highest regard for her.

  • 219-221, 286p