Given name: Estera Family name: Winogronówna

  • YES
  • Female
  • Estera
  • Winogronówna
  • Miss Esterka, a housemistress from the Korczak’s Orphanage. A student from the Faculty of Natural Sciences at the University of Warsaw, the supervisor of the dancing group in the Orphanage. She also helped Korczak with medical care of the children. He tried in vain to rescue her when she was taken during the First Action in July 1942. With the children she prepared a performance based on 'Poczta'[The Post Office] by Tagore: the first was staged at the beginning of April 1942, the following, in front of the guests from outside, on 18 July 1942 so after Miss Esterka was deported. In an overcrowded room the audience cried.

  • care / social welfare
  • 'Insignificant, slim, short, with a pallid face, in big horn-rimmed spectacles; she had luxuriant hair hanging down to her shoulders. She was always cogitative and sad' /according to Gabriela Zylberberg-Elias, who used to work with her/.

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