Given name: Emil Family name: Wajc

  • YES
  • Male
  • Emil
  • Wajc
  • Tarnów
  • In the ghetto he was called the 'king of the brushmakers'. He came from Tarnow, before the war he had made brushes. Politically involved in the Bund. Together with his partners established a big factory of brushes in the ghetto. It employed 2,000 workers; quickly became a millionaire. He supported financially Jewish institutions in the ghetto. He gave a big loan to the Joint to be returned after the war. He supported generously cultural activities in the ghetto, the Bund activities and its underground press. He also significantly donated a modern orphanage.

  • the rich
  • Adolf Berman, 'Wos der gojr hot mir beszert. Mit jedn in Warsze 1939-1942' ('What Has the Fate Prepared For Me. In Warsaw With the Jews In 1939-42')

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