Given name: Unknown Family name: Tański -Tomkin-Temkin

  • YES
  • Male
  • Tański -Tomkin-Temkin
  • August 1943
  • Warszawa
  • The boss of Kazikowski's company. Some said that he was Polish, others that he was German, still others claimed that he was Volksdeutsch or Jewish. Helped Jews by using his contacts and influences. During the First Action was giving shelter to the Berlands in some workshop's basement. Thanks to his effort Kazikowski was assigned Jewish workers. Managed to obtain a flat in the ghetto for the Berlands, transported through guard posts ('wacha'), obtained passes related to work. Duding the January action came to the Berlands by car and took them from the hideout so that they could work on the 'Aryan side'. Tried to help during the uprising, but was unsuccessful. Died in August 1943. Due to a denunciation Germans came to the workshop in order to arrest him as they thought that he was a Jew with phony documents. At the time of the arrest Tanski disarmed two agents of the criminal police and escaped in a car; however, the next day he was caught and killed. A German friend denounced him. Tanski's real name was Tomkin (possibly Temkin, according to his family relationships). Came from Kalisz. Employed his sister (Mrs. Kac) as well as her husband and daughter in his workshop.

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