Given name: Unknown Family name: Steinsapir

  • YES
  • Male
  • Steinsapir
  • At the end of July, he was taken hostage by the Germans with 30 other people; released after a month. He treated Henryk Gliksberg for ill heart; the Gliksberg family gave him and his wife one room at Lubeckiego Street No. 6, flat 3 in August 1942. He got a life number in a round-up, but his wife didn't. At the end of September, he moved with the Gliksberg family to Muranowska Street. Every morning, he went to the Department of Health at Kurza Street No. 10. His daughter was a doctor living in Nowe Miasto near Warsaw with her husband and a new-born baby. She was deported with her husband, the child was said to have been rescued. On 18 January 1943 at the Umschlagplatz.

  • physicians
  • 111,131,153,158,168,169,, 207