Given name: Adam Family name: Schönfeld

  • YES
  • Male
  • Adam
  • Schönfeld
  • Stefania Schoenfeld's husband.

  • after the war
  • Stefania filed for divorce from Adam Schoenfeld. Due to his unknown whereabouts a trustee (Walentyna Markowska) 'for the absent' was appointed for him.

  • The National Library Archives, Warsaw, Periodicals Division, sygn. P.35283 II, The official Journal of the Republic of Poland, published by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland since 1918 (interruption: 1940-1945). Monitor Polski published laws and court decisions. These publication are not sources of law. After the war, the Monitor published inheritance cases, decisions declaring a person dead, among others. Editorial Office, Administration and Distribution: Lodz, Piotrkowska St. 133.
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