Given name: Unknown Family name: Rubinstein

  • YES
  • Male
  • Rubinstein
  • In the spring of 1942 he used to run down Elektoralna Street dressed in shabby old clothes. He flourished a stick, jumping and huming to himself. He was very popular in the ghetto and had his own motto-'Boy, don't give up', which made him recognizable even from a distance. His jokes went around the whole ghetto. Getting close to the German guards, doing different faces, jiggling and abusing them at the same time was his specialty. The Germans considered it very entertaining, and so they often gave Rubinstein cigarettes and cash for his insults, since they felt he was a lunatic and did not take him seriously. Was Rubinstein really insane due to sustained torture, or was it his way to survive, which unfortunately he did not manage to achieve?

  • beggars
  • 78,79