Given name: Jadwiga Family name: Rosenbergowa

  • YES
  • Female
  • Jadwiga
  • Rosenbergowa
  • She worked for the Braun and Rowinski company for 15 years, in the ghetto for K.G. Schultz at Leszno Street No. 78. She lived with her husband at Nowolipki Street No. 57. Neighbours of the Schmidts. They settled in a block of the shop at Leszno Street No. 76 with Jadzia's mother, sister and her fiancé (in September he was taken to the Umschlagplatz). Later on Jadzia's brother joined them (when he lost his wife and daughter). Her sister worked for Big Schultz. Before the war she lived at Mila Street No. 40 for over 20 years. Thanks to this fact she was able to hide in this house her mother and Leokadia Schmidt with her son during a round-up. Jadzia's mother died in April 1943. Jadwiga worked in a shop until the outbreak of the ghetto uprising, then he vanished.

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  • Schmidt Leokadia; Cudem przezylismy czas zaglady (We Miraculously Survived the Holocaust)

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