Given name: Stefan Family name: Pokropek

  • YES
  • Male
  • Stefan
  • Pokropek
  • A Pole, member of the Polish Socialist Party (PPS), he helped people from the Jewish Fighting Organization (ZOB), risking his own and his family's life. He lived at Waszyngtona Street No. 80. Helena Rufeisen-Schipper came to his flat. She was at that time hiding in the facotry of celluloid films in 11 Listopada Avenue. In Pokropek's flat Helena met Kazik (Symcha Rotem) and Tadek Scheingut, member of 'Haszomer Hacair'.

  • Poles
  • Rufeisen-Schuepper, Helena Pozegnanie Milej 18. Wspomnienia laczniczki Zydowskiej Organizacji Bojowej (A Farewell in Mila Street No. 18. Memoirs of a Messenger of the Jewish Fighting Organisation)

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