Given name: Kopł Family name: Piżyc

  • YES
  • Male
  • Kopł
  • Piżyc
  • Izrael
  • Before the war he was a wealthy merchant an a cultural activist. In the Warsaw ghetto he became one of the Zionist activists and a devoted member of The Jewish Social Self-Help (ZSS) and social section of the Centos (the Central Organisation for Orphan Care). He was devoted to the issue of taking care of children and helped actively different institutions for children, especially big children's kitchens connected with Tarbut schools (he was one of the front activists of this organisation, which grouped secular schools teaching in Hebrew). He was an enthusiast of choirs, he helped financially in creating the choir 'Szir' (song) and helped to preserve it. He actively helped children's choirs. He lead the last Passover meal in 1942 in the huge orphanage at Wolnosc Street No. 16, when about thousand of orphans sat behind the tables . He was one of the 28 people whom Basia and Adolf Berman helped to cross to the 'Aryan side'. He died in Israel.

  • activists
  • He was Jozef Gitler's (financial director of the Centos - the Central Organisation for Orphan Care) son-in-law.

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