Given name: Maciuś Family name: Unknown

  • YES
  • Male
  • Maciuś
  • 1936-7
  • Warszawa
  • In summer 1941, he fell ill with diphtheria and was sent to Otwock, to Zofiowka sanatorium. His mother, Marysia, went with him. In mid-August 1942, when the Germans started to liquidate the Otwock ghetto, Marysia and her son escaped in an ambulance at the last moment. She stayed at Janina Poniatowska's, her gymnasium (junior high school) teacher, flat in Nowy Zjazd Street. Later, she moved with Macius to the floor beneath - to Lubecki sisters' flat. In February 1943, she had problems, moved out with the child, but after couple of days Macius could return to the house in Nowy Zjazd Street. When Lubecki sisters went to work, Macius was left in professor Kumaniecki's wife care, played with her son and even started to go to school. He served mass. He lived in Lubecki sisters' flat until one of the neighbours started to suspect him and announced that she didn't want a Jewish child to live in the house. Marysia took Macius to Lwowska Street. Later, she left with him for Sulejowek. He returned with his mother in mid-June 1944; in July, they moved to Helena, to the Felician Nuns. He was evacuated with his mother and grandmother on 14 August during the Warsaw Uprising; they landed in a camp in Germany.

  • children
  • nice, fair-haired

  • 28,33,47,48,71,104,158,, 159,261-264,326,327,406