Given name: Kuba Family name: Unknown

  • YES
  • Male
  • Kuba
  • One of the twelve Jews who hid in a peasants' barn in Zelislawice. He was the representative of the group, he was the one who talked with the messenger from Warsaw. In autumn the landlady threw the whole group out: they had no more money. Kuba, his friend and two girls, hid in a cottage in the wood. They were threw out and beaten up by Polish partisans. This happened during the day - Polish police found Kuba and the girls. At dusk they were killed in front of the residents of the village.

  • youth
  • From another member of the group, Staszek, Wladka found out later on that Kuba was beaten up by 'the Eagles' (Orly) - a Polish partisan unit named after their leader.

  • Meed, Władka; On Both Sides of the Wall. Memoirs from the Warsaw Ghetto

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