Given name: Ada Family name: Unknown

  • YES
  • Female
  • Ada
  • She lived with her parents in Panska Street in the small ghetto. She completed eight-class Jewish junior high school (gymnasium) before the war. She knitted artistically, Stefania Gliksberg dressed in clothes made by her. When Ada's father died of dysentery, her mother was deported. After the liquidation of the small ghetto, Ada came to the Gliksberg family, to Lubeckiego Street No. 6, and stayed there as their servant. At the end of September, she moved with her masters to Muranowska Street No. 42. After some time, she stopped to serve there and started to work in the Werterfassung. She was doing well. In November 1942, Ada moved to a block kitchen at Muranowska Street No. 42, she unfolded a bed in the storehouse for night.

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