Given name: Ignac Family name: N.

  • YES
  • Male
  • Ignac
  • N.
  • Warszawa
  • He was born in 1904. He lived in Warsaw. His father was a butcher in a slaughterhouse. Since his early teens he had to help him at work. When he was older, he worked as a worker in a butchery ('jatka'). After he got married (wife-Rachela) they worked hard to have their own butchery. It was situated in Panska Street. They had six children, four girls and two boys. After the outbreak of the war, they landed in the ghetto. They all lived in a small room in Mila Street, starving. At the beginning of 1943 Ignac's family died during one of many actions. Ignac managed to cross to the 'Aryan side'. Until the Warsaw Uprising, he was hiding at a Polish woman-caretaker's place, in Zelazna Street. He fought in the Warsaw Uprising. From October 1994 to January 1945 he was hiding in a bunker, under the debris of a house at Franciszkanska Street No. 8. The author of the memoirs met him in Warsaw a few months after the liberation, but he already had the first symptoms of mental disease.

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  • While going down to the bunker (September 1944) he was 40 years old. Author of the memoirs met Ignac a few months after the liberation. He already had symptoms of mental disease. Author of the memoirs doesn't know anything about Ignac's later fate.

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