Given name: Stasiek Family name: Lisowicz

  • YES
  • Male
  • Stasiek
  • Lisowicz
  • a Jew, orphan, adopted by Sara and Kielman Babic. Taken from the orphanage at Wolska Street No. 18. He was in the ghetto with his family, he often crossed to the 'Aryan side' to bring food for everybody. Next he hid at a peasant's place in Lublin province. According to Bronislaw Moskal, a peasant from Slodkow in Lublin province, he left with one of the neighbours to work in Germany

  • youth
  • information on further Stasiek's fate is highly doubtful

  • Czapska, Maria; Gwiazda dawida. Dzieje jednej rodziny (Star of Dawid. A Story of a Family)