Given name: Jakub Family name: Lejkin

  • YES
  • Male
  • Jakub
  • Lejkin
  • Kuba
  • The supperintendent of ghetto police. A barrister. He attended a Polish junior high school together with Berman. His father was a rich merchant /leather accessories/. He graduated from Polish military school in Jarocin with a decoration. In the Warsaw Ghetto he was employed by Judenrat in police like many other barristers. / in the ghetto out of 2000 policemen there were 200 barristers/. He was very brutal as a policeman. During the First Action he carried out Gestapo commands precisely and vigorously. In October, after the action he was executed by the members of Jewish Fighting Organization (ZOB).

  • Jewish police
  • 281,282