Given name: Cyrla Family name: Lajfer

  • YES
  • Female
  • Cyrla
  • Lajfer
  • before the war she lived in Sochaczew with her parents and two sisters; she went to grade 4 in primary school; father was a shoemaker; when the war broke out they escaped to Wiskitki. They stayed there because the house in Sochaczew burnt down. Father mostly worked for peasants who gave food. Relocation came soon - in Warsaw they stayed for two weeks in the shelter at Niska Street No. 20. They rented a flat, father thought that he would manage to maintain family, but there was no work. They starved, the father died; a month later the mother died. In August 1941 father's acquaintance placed the girls in a half-boarding house at Nowolipki Street No. 25. A few days lated Cyrla's youngest sister died.

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