Given name: Stanisław Family name: Koperka

  • YES
  • Male
  • Stanisław
  • Koperka
  • Kowalczyk
  • Supervised a group of workers in wood treating plant - Minska Mazowiecki. Brutal and rude. However, he helped Leon when the latter was hiding during the First Action, he brought him dinner. After the war he asked Leon to write a written statement that he helped him. At that time he was the head of the NSZ (National Armed Forces) at Minsk district. Had trouble after the war.

  • Poles
  • Guz, Leon; Targowa 64. Dziennik 27 I 1943 - 11 IX 1944 (Diary 27 January 1943 – 11 September 1944)

  • [105]