Given name: Henryk Family name: Gliksberg

  • YES
  • Male
  • Henryk
  • Gliksberg
  • an engineer, a Judenrat member, the head of the Union of Pharmacies (in August 1942). Before the war, he lived with his family in Polna Street, in the ghetto they moved to Ogrodowa Street. The flat was so beautiful, that Germans filmed it with a view to using it in their propaganda film. During the first Action, the Gliksbergs lived at Lubeckiego Street No. 6, flat 3. They had their antique pieces of furniture, paintings and carpets there. At the end of September 1942 they moved to Muranowska Street No. 42

  • Judenrat
  • 110,111,112,130,137,143,149