Given name: Hela Family name: Gestel

  • YES
  • Female
  • Hela
  • Gestel
  • before the war, she lived at Lubeckiego Street No. 26, her father died in 1930, her mother used to sell soap. Hela finished the fifth grade, then she got practical training at dressmaker's. During the war they moved to Pawia Street No. 50. They used to sell bread. After the ghetto had been closed, the time of starvation and poverty started. Mother was taken ill with kidneys, she died in May 1941. Hela and her sister were left alone. They went to Mrs. Pinkiertowa, they told her about their situation. That is how they got to the day-care center at Karmelicka Street No. 11 and to the half-boarding house at Nowolipki Street No. 25

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