Given name: Abraham Family name: Gepner

  • YES
  • Male
  • Abraham
  • Gepner
  • 1872
  • Warszawa
  • Owner of a metal factory; he replied to boycott of Jewish merchants and traders by organising Jewish merchants associations after 1912. He was famous in Warsaw as a patron of Jewish charity organisations. In September 1939, with Szmuel Zygielbojm, he represented Jewish community in the the Municipal Defence Committee. In the period when the ghetto existed, he was a member of the Judenrat who organised supplementary benefits for the ghetto dwellers; kept in touch with the Joint (American Jewish Distribution Committee), he managed a food storehouse in the ghetto. He supported financially the Jewish Fighting Organisation (ZOB) and the Jewish Military Union (ZZW). On 3 May 1943, he was led out from the food storehouses at Franciszkanska Street No. 30 by the Germans and shot on the corner of Gesia and Zamenhofa Streets.

  • Judenrat, trade, activists
  • 233