Given name: Klara [Leonia] Family name: Falk

  • YES
  • Female
  • Klara [Leonia]
  • Falk
  • Yes
  • Klara and her son Adas are hiding in Miedzeszyn, at the place of Mrs Riba, who is a Pole. They live in a dark shed on bare ground, cowering under the stack of brushwood among the pieces of junk. Wladka takes them to a hideout in Warsaw where they both manage to survive until the end of the war. At present they live in Canada. In the hideout in Sliska Street there were: Klara, her son and engineer Golde. The destruction of the hideout during the uprising forced them to escape. The residents of the house did not want them in the shelter in the cellar. Klara and other Jews were hiding in the shelter at the corner of Sienna and Sosnowa Streets.

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