Given name: Adaś [Michał] Family name: Falk

  • YES
  • Male
  • Adaś [Michał]
  • Falk
  • Yes
  • Ten-year-old Adas and his mother Klara are hiding in Miedzeszyn, at Mrs Riba's place. Due to constant sitting in a squatting position in a dark shed, Adas becomes ill and he cannot walk. Wladka takes them to a hideout in Warsaw, they both manage to survive the war. At present they live in Canada. In the hideout in Sliska Street there were: Adas, his mother and engineer Golde. They had to leave it after it was destroyed during the uprising. The residents of the house did not want to have Jews in their cellar.

  • children
  • str. 257-260,327