Given name: Melech Family name: Fajnkind

  • YES
  • Male
  • Melech
  • Fajnkind
  • Poniatów
  • An activist of the Poale Zion-Left. An active participant of the insurgent movement. He was also active in the anti-facist block in the Warsaw Ghetto and in the social self-help. After the First Action, he was a representative of the Poale Zion-Left in the Jewish National Committee (Zydowski Komitet Narodowy) and in the underground commission for coordination of political parties and youth organizations. After the uprising, in a camp in Poniatowa in the Lublin region. There, together with other activists, organized a fighting group, which planned an uprising in the camp. He died in an action organized by the SS.

  • activists
  • str.195,196