Given name: Ruth Family name: Cyprys

  • YES
  • Female
  • Ruth
  • Cyprys
  • Altbeker
  • 1910
  • her father was a well-known jeweller, a wealthy man who often traveled across Europe on business. Ruth was brought up respecting German culture, at home the family spoke Polish. In 1929 Ruth began to study law at Warsaw University, she completed the university in 1934 and married Jerzy Joszua Cyprys - a colleague from her studies - at Christmas in the same year. Ruth continues to work as a lawyer in a private law company, they live a Przechodnia Street No. 6 where they start their own law company

  • author
  • Cyprys, Ruth Altbeker. A Jump for Life: A Survivor's Journal from Nazi-Occupied Poland, ed. Elaine Potter, London: Constable, 1997