Given name: Seweryn Family name: Brukarz

  • YES
  • Male
  • Seweryn
  • Brukarz
  • 1922-07-18
  • Warszawa
  • Before the war he lived in Wolska Street in Warsaw, in the ghetto at Dzielna Street No. 60 with his parents, sisters - Chana, Ryfka and Fajga, and brother Mosze. In the spring of 1941 he was registered in the Employment Office (Arbeitsamt), and sent to a labour camp near Skierniewice. He escaped and returned to the ghetto, where he worked as a metalsmith and a locksmith. In 1941 he passed to the 'Aryan side', he hid in Warsaw and in Opole Lubelskie, deported for labour to Germany as an 'Aryan', after the war in Warsaw as Seweryn Zajda.

  • the rich
  • Brukarz, Seweryn; testimony 301-5561