Given name: Abram Family name: Benek

  • YES
  • Male
  • Abram
  • Benek
  • Aged 50. Residing at Krochmalna Street No. 3, flat 27, a capmaker. His wife died at the beginning of the war. The main resident of 2 rooms and a kitchen. He had 2 daughters - 18 (8?) and 14(4?)-year-old, they lived in poverty. Their only property is a table and a bed without the covering. He sold the last feather quilt and tore off the planks from the floor in order to have firewood. His younger daughter finished five years of primary education, the older one completed elementary school. He tried to send his daughters to a shelter.

  • care / social welfare
  • No date

  • Documents from the State Archive of New Records regarding
    the Warsaw Ghetto

  • [28,, s., 35]