Given name: Unknown Family name: Balcerowicz

  • YES
  • Male
  • Balcerowicz
  • "Balcerzak"
  • A Volksdeutsch, owner of a big stockings factory (he employed 75 workers) outside the ghetto. He hired Jews, owners of stockings factories. They gave him their machines. After a short period of time he stopped paying his Jewish employees, and started to collect money from them for the possibility of working in the factory. After the round-up in Mila Street he kept his Jewish workers in the factory for a few days. They left only when the action was finished. Then, he once again took his employees out when they were already taken to the Umschlagplatz, in January 1943. The Gestapo limited the number of people, who could be taken out from the ghetto to the factory- from 75 to 25, finally to 5. Balcerowicz advised them to move to the 'Aryan' side'.

  • craftsmen
  • Balcerowicz forced Bluma to give the children to another worker. He found them after the action. He always kept his word to her. She had a place on her pass until the end.

  • Czapska, Maria Gwiazda dawida. Dzieje jednej rodziny (Star of Dawid. A Story of a Family)