Given name: Majer Family name: Bałaban

  • YES
  • Male
  • Majer
  • Bałaban
  • In December 1942 a visit in a hospital. Glocer met him during the autumn of 1942. Krystyna Zygler was his secretary. He died of a heart attack. In January 1943 he was the head of Department of Religious Affairs of the Judenrat.

  • Intelligentsia
  • A pensioner with a white beard and a smart, deep look. Other testimonies: IIop2YV03/398, IIop2YV03/737, Iop2YV033/2010, 166.

  • Gurfinkiel-Glocerowa, Sabina; The Czyste Hospital and Me, Testimony, Yad Vashem Archives