Given name: Aleksander Family name: Bałaban

  • YES
  • Male
  • Aleksander
  • Bałaban
  • the professor's younger son, he stayed in the ghetto until April 1943. He passed to the 'Aryan side' and was caught in the street while talking to the familiy's pre-war servant, whom he happened to meet. He was imprisoned in the prison in Mokotow. He decided to collaborate with the Germans - spent the nights in prison, and during the day went out with the Germans and turned in Jews hiding on the 'Aryan side'. On the first day he pointed at 17 addresses, including the address of a friend who escaped from Poniatowa, and whom Aleksander himself placed in a Polish policeman's house. Afterwards, this friend became his cell-mate, and tormented Aleksander after dark. Aleksander's sister, who hid with her husband on the 'Aryan side', severed contacts with him, since she was afraid that he would turn her in.

  • collaboration
  • Documents from the State Archive of New Records regarding
    the Warsaw Ghetto

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